Festival of Shab e Barat / 15 Shaban

All about Month of Shaban, Shab e Barat or 15th Shaban.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said that during the nights of the 15th Shabaan, the Almighty Allah takes decisions in the matters of sustenance, life, death and the welfare of the people.

When the night of the middle of Shabaan comes, Allah descends to the lowest Heaven and says,

“Is there anyone begging for forgiveness that I might forgive him?

Is there anyone begging for sustenance that I may feed him?

Is there any such and such?

And we are told that Allah stays at this lowest heaven ready to accede to our legitimate requests until the break of dawn.”

This is Laylat-ul-Barat, this is the fifteenth of Sha’baan, a very great night. In this night you should be attentive in the worship of Allah, for this is the night of accounting. Whichever child is to be born during the coming year is written down on the list on this night, and the name of whoever is going to pass away in the coming year is deleted from the list.

So please pray for me and Muslim Ummah in this Holy Night.

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