Islam - the solution for humanity

Today in world we watch , hear and read about crimes, wars,injustice, oppression,hatred , selfishness, jealousy, pride and we all complain that the world is devoid of peace and the blame game goes on, peace treaties and agreements are made by the so called peace loving leaders but no solution was made. Instead of creating peace, another war was created.

Evil has creeped in to every part of the world and it seems impossible in reality to have a peaceful world but it is still possible , yes I say it is possible because to every problem there is a solution
and the one and only solution for a peaceful world is "ISLAM",
the word ISLAM itself implies peace and bringing it into our lives can heal the world from all evils. A question may arise how can Islam heal the world, Islam is the religion chosen by our LORD, CREATOR, THE ONLY ONE for the whole mankind. The major conflicts in the world are due to differences in one's belief and ideas which results in each one proving themselves to be right. Therefore having a faith in ONE LORD discards all false beliefs and makes ourselves resign to the will of ONE LORD.

All religions originated with Allah and then people began to add or take away from the teachings so as to take control over each other.
Allah does not force anyone to submit to Him. He has laid out a clear path and then made it known to them the two ways (Heaven or Hell). The person is always free to make his or her own choice.
People began to separate into different groups due to their rejection of truth and denial of clear proofs becoming evident to them from their Lord. Allah will only accept true submission, obedience and in purity and peace to His commandments. To believe in Allah and follow His Commandments has been the message of all prophets of monotheism. And until one day Allah has chosen HIS last Prophet, Mohammad (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) to spread Islam.

Islam enjoins faith in the Oneness and Sovereignty of God, which makes man aware of the meaningfulness of the Universe and his place in it. This belief frees him from all fears and superstitions by making him conscious of the presence of Almighty Allah and of man's obligations towards Him. Belief in one God requires that we look upon all humanity as one family irrespective of colour, class, race or territory, under the protection of Allah the Creator and Nourisher of all. Islam rejects the idea of a chosen people, making faith in Allah and good action the only way to Heaven. Thus a direct relationship is established with Allah; open to all alike, without any mediator.

Islam not only teaches all well but shows in practicality how can one achieve righteousness, its not only limited to faith and worship but guides in every aspect of our lives. The way of life shown by Allah our CREATOR, SUSTAINER is no doubt the perfect. It is the same for the whole humanity be it a rich person or poor, a king or a slave, black or white thus uniting the whole mankind. Our LORD teaches and guides us in every matter of life, leadership, business,marriage, education, relationships, inheritance,etc etc. There is not a single aspect of life in which Islam does not guide us.

Islam teaches all that is good and forbids all that is bad for mankind. It teaches us love, brotherhood irrespective of any race or caste, honesty, kindness, selflessness, good manners, humbleness, piety. It forbids hatred, dishonesty, pride, selfishness, jealousy, hurting anyone, backbiting, stealing, killing, adultery, bribe, and oppression.

Thus it is the perfect code of life for the whole humanity, our LORD is "ONE", our way of life is "ONE ", our purpose of life is "ONE "and our ultimate goal is "ONE", Islam unites the whole mankind by its teachings . When there is unity among us then peace will automatically prevail. Human beings live according to their view of life. The tragedy of secular societies is that they fail to connect the different aspects of life. The secular and the religious, the scientific and the spiritual seem to be in conflict. Islam puts an end to this conflict and brings harmony to man's vision of life.

But then, the question arises again, is being Muslim and embracing Islam enough to create peace on earth? If that’s the case then why do Muslims fight each other? . I think this was happening because people starts idolating a person and praise that person and put that idol as the same level as Allah Himself. So that whenever other sects are having dispute over their leader then they were straightly fight in the name of their leader, not for the sake of their GOD. They forgot that Allah is the ONE and ONLY CREATOR that needs to be worshiped, leaders, Khalifahs, and even Prophets are only to be respected and followed accordingly, not to be worshiped. Islam does not teach or accept mere ritualism. It emphasizes intention and action. To worship Allah is to know Him and love Him, to act upon His laws in every aspect of life, to enjoin goodness and forbid evil and oppression, to practice charity and justice and to serve Him by serving mankind. Islam seeks to implant in man's heart the strongest conviction that his every thought and action are known by Allah, Who sees him at all times and in all places. Being a Muslim is the solution, holding on to Tawheed is the continuation and following Sharia laws is the perfection. May Allah guides us all.

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