Islam Born in Mecca Spread Across the World

How Did the Islam Born in Mecca Spread Across the World?

Our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) expended enormous energy on preaching the Islamic moral values taught him by Allah until the very end of his life. By Allah’s leave, this message initiated through such sincere endeavors on the part of our Prophet (PBUH) spread across a very wide region in a short space of time by means of his honesty, determination and moral virtues. This message, which continued after the death of our Prophet (PBUH) was a means whereby millions of people came to have faith; in this way, people learned true love, peace and justice, based on the moral precepts of the Holy Qur’an.

The Prophet Muhammad (saas), whom Allah tells us in the Holy Qur’an He sent as a “Mercy to the Worlds,” abided by Islamic moral values with the utmost joy and enthusiasm right up to the end of his life, a life which constituted a role model for others. This message, single-handedly initiated by our Prophet (PBUH), soon spread, by Allah’s leave, over a wide area. And it continued after him, again through the efforts of sincere believers. According to the latest research, this joyous rise of Islam, regarded as the most rapidly spreading faith in the world, will cause Islam Allah’?n izni ile to rule over the whole world with the coming of the Prophet Isa (pbuh) and the Mahdi in the end times.

Ever since the first days of its revelation, Islam spread at enormous speed by means of the determination and sincerity displayed by our Prophet (PBUH). The determination and justice of the Muslims of that time who adopted our Prophet (PBUH) as a role model was highly influential in many Arab tribes’ turning to Islam. The moral values of the Holy Qur’an brought about positive changes in the lives of the people of the region and replaced the chaos, injustice and blood feuds of the age of ignorance with peace and security. An order based on the true love, respect, compassion and justice of Holy Qur’anic moral precepts was established for the first time uzun süre sonra among the people of the region.

Following the death of our Prophet (PBUH) on 8 June 632 (Gregorian), Islam continued to rise at a great speed, spreading within a few decades to Mesopotamia in the north, Africa in the west and as far as India in the east. Local people, who until shortly before had lived unaware of religious moral values became rulers of a world empire thanks to the reason, awareness and elevated culture bestowed on them by Islamic moral values. This Islamic State, the like of whose rapid rise had rarely been equaled, established a far more powerful administration than other regimes by spreading over a wider extent than the ancient Roman Empire. At the heart of this matchless development of Islam lies the fact it was made possible by the superior virtues, intelligence, foresight, determination and sincere endeavors of our Prophet (saas), by the will of Allah.

Our Prophet (saas) began communicating his message immediately after the Hegira. His method was to employ companions to call on the rulers of neighboring countries to adopt Islamic moral precepts. Our Prophet (PBUH) who acted on our Lord’s command on this subject in the finest possible manner, used wisdom and gentle advice to invite others to adopt Islamic moral precepts by way of these emissaries:

Call to the way of your Lord with wisdom and fair admonition, and argue with them in the kindest way. Your Lord knows best who is misguided from His way. And He knows best who are guided. (Surat An-Nahl, 125)

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