Educational Rights to a Woman

The first 5 verses which were revealed in the Qur’an were from Surah Alaq, or Surah Iqra, Verse No. 1 to 5 which says:

‘Read, recite or proclaim in the name of your Lord, Who has created the human beings from a congealed clot of blood (a leech like substance).

Read, your Lord is most bountiful.

Who has taught the use of the pen.

Who has taught the human beings that which he knew-not’.

The first guidance given in the Qur’an to the humankind was not to pray, was not to fast, was not to give charity - It was read - Islam pays utmost importance to education.

Education is Compulsory in Islam:

According to Quran:

God will exalt those of you who believe and those who are given knowledge to high degrees. (58:11)

And say, O my Lord! increase me in knowledge. (20:114)

And whoever is is given knowledge is given indeed abundant wealth. (2:269)

According to a saying of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) “It is obligatory for every Muslim, male or female, to acquire knowledge (Al-Bayhaqi).

Imagine, 1400 years ago, when the women were ill treated and were only used as property, Islam asked the women to be educated.

Because Islam tells that every woman should be educated, - Will you call such women’s right’s in Islam as modernizing or outdated?

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