Social Rights to a Daughter

Islam prohibits, female infanticide. The killing of female children is forbidden in Islam.

It is mentioned in Surah Taqveem, Ch. 81, Verse No. 8 and 9, ‘when the female child is buried alive and when she questions you, for what crime was she killed’.

Not only female infanticide has been prohibited, all sorts of infanticides has been prohibited in Islam, whether it be a male child or a female child.

It is mention in the Qur’an in Surah A’nam Ch.6, Verse No.151 that, ‘Kill not your children for want of sustenance for it is God that will provide sustenance for you and for children’.

A similar thing is mentioned in Surah Isra, Ch.17 Verse No.31 which says… ‘Kill not your children for want of sustenance, for it is God that will provide sustenance to you and your children, for killing of children is a major sin’.

In the pre-Islamic Arabia, whenever a female child was born mostly she was buried alive.

Alhamdullillah, after the spread of Islam this evil practice has been discontinued.

But unfortunately it still continues in India - According to a BBC report, in the programe assignment the title of which was ‘Let Her Die’, there was a British reporter by the name of Emily Beckenen, who came all the way from Britain to India to give us the statistics of the female infanticide.

In that programe, it gives the statistics, that every day more than 3,000 fetuses are being aborted on being identified that they are females.

If you multiply this figure by the number of days, that is multiplied by 365, you get a figure of more than one million female fetuses are being aborted every year in our country.

And there are big hoarding and posters in states like Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan, which says spend 500 Rupees and save 5 lakh Rupees.

What does it mean? - That spend Rupees 500 on medical examination like Aminocententus or Ultra Sonography, and identify the gender of child.

If it is a female you can abort it and you’ll save 5 lakh Rupees - How?

The couple of lakhs you spend on upbringing her and the remaining lakhs of Rupees you spend on giving dowry to the man who will marry her (a custom in India).

According to the report of the Government Hospital of Tamil Nadu – ‘out of every 10 female children that are born, four are put to death’ - No wonder the female population in India is less than the male population.

Female infanticide was continuing in India since centuries - If you analyze the statistics of the 1901 census, for every 1000 males there were 972 females.

According to the 1981 statistics and census, it tells you for every 1000 males you have 934 females.

And the latest statistics of 1991 tells you that for every 1000 males you have 927 females.

You can analyze that the female ratio is dropping every year - And since science and medicine has advanced, it has helped in this evil practice.

Just because Islam tells you that you should not kill any children whether it be male or female will you call these rights in Islam as modernizing or outdated?

Qur’an not only prohibits female infanticide, it rebukes at the thought of you rejoicing at the birth of a male child and getting saddened at the birth of a female child.

In Islam, a daughter should be brought up correctly.

In Islam, there should be no partiality in upbringing of the daughter or the son.

According to a Hadith, ‘In the presence of the Prophet Muhammad, once a man kissed his son and placed him on his lap but did not do the same to his daughter.

The Prophet immediately objected and said that you are unjust - You should have even kissed your daughter and placed her on the other lap’.

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